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Who ever thought a lamb could redeem the universe?

God’s wisdom it was, while to man it was foolishness

The precious lamb of God, slain from the foundations of the world

Up until now, His power in the universe is still upheld


Spotless was the lamb, and selfless was His love

Obediently came he, as he descended from above

It was the lamb that was slain

Whose blood we are not to disdain


The blood rescued us from great evil

Without which we would have been left to peril



The lamb’s blood did not only save us from eternal death

It brought us life also, glory and great wealth

To the one who believes, the lively speakings of the blood is upon his head

Ensuring that to contrary evil speakings, he is spared


Oh, and thank you Lord for the breaking of your body

It healed us, and constantly gives us a testimony

Now we walk in victory over sin and death, day after day

Conquering and to conquer, all the way


On this Passover, we remember you Lord, and all of your benefits

With you, we know we will remain on course, and will never be on the fritz