​⛑⛑⛑ Workers’ Health and Safety and Economic Growth (The Three E’s of Safety) ⛑⛑⛑



Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) Regulations have their main objective as ensuring the safety of personnel and the work environment. It is said that Good Safety promotes Good Business.
Today I want to briefly share on how the ‘Three E’s’ of Safety can be of great benefit to any organization.

The 3 E’s of Safety, namely ‘Education’, ‘Engineering’ and ‘Enforcement’ are key in the light of realization of a holistic growth of any organization.

Education: Education is the only means by which the ideal OSH regulations can be well understood and appreciated by employees. An ignorant team of employees will only do what they deem right and safe. When an awareness is created through education, amd employees are trained, they are equipped and become a part of the process and rules, and do not see them as impositions. This goes a long way to facilitate a good safety culture, hence promotes employees’ health and safety, which is a prerequisite for maximizing production and economic growth.

Engineering: Engineering basically consists of the design of systems, equipment, machinery and infrastructure at the workplace. These are key in making the workplace safe, and eliminating or controlling anything that poses as a hazard, or could impede the smooth and safe flow of work. Any engineering defect can cause a breakdown or halt in operations, and consequently affect the productivity of the employees, and more seriously may cause injury to workers. No equipment and no fit employee means no profit. This is a clear example of a domino effect.

Enforcement: Every laid down rules and regulations need to be reinforced. Enforcement protects workers, and guides the actions and inactions of both employers and employees, to ensure the safety of both parties, and the work environment as well. Enforcement must not be viewed with a skewed lens as only punishments and penalities. Every system without enforcement becomes chaotic because of the unpredictable nature of humans when left to freedom without guidance.

Enforcement helps to put things where they just ought to be rightly.

All these are necessary for the holistic economic growth of both workers and organizations as a whole.


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Author: Padmore O.Y. Amati.

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Finish The Unfinished Years


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A few weeks ago, a year ended, and that was supposed to have been the most important part of the year

That end ushered in a new year, where we all looke forward to something new, at least a new idea

A knowing that the end of a matter is what matters is good

But not to write off the place of deliberately starting well is also great, it propels the perserverance mood

There is nothing like an expired vision, or an old goal

It is just that the goal-setter may have not been able to play his role

All unrealized goals from previous years are still genuine, perhaps you only left them in oblivescence

When you miss one step, accept you erred, so you can get back on track, and eschew any pretense

Many a people start up things in a year, only to end them up ass abandoned projects

It is a happy feeling seeing every plan unfold quickly, just as expected, but when the happening of events are not as you wish, it hurts

They may not materialize just over one dawn to the next dusk

It will take some time, but do not see them as a sisyphean task

2018 has been marked out as a race with 12 laps to complete

1 lap gone, January has already been wiped off  from the sheet

I believe you have begun measuring measuring your impace, what did you score?

Trust me, great or not so good, you would need to push some more

Is the year still too young to bring the set goals under scrutiny?

Or it is being rolled out with such speed that we cannot even note just one testimony?

Goal-setting is not an end in itself, though it is cardinal at the incipient stage

Get the goals realized, take them gradually, page by page

A good course you started off but never finished is worth revisiting

It may appear byzantine, time-consuming, and yet not even interesting

But guess how many years we have left unfinished, the number of stones we eft unturned

Up up we go! On your fee, One and two! Shake up the dross and let’s journey on, my friend





“An understanding into the subject matter of ‘Potential’ will revolutionalize your perception about any human being, irrespective of how they appear or have become over a period of time.
There is a God-orchestrated potential inherent in every man.
The realization of your potential doesn’t put you ‘above’ those who have not, for they also have ‘trapped’ within them a potential untapped.
Help someone today mine out their potential.”

– Padmore Othniel Yaw Amati


JESUS! Our Passover Lamb


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com

Who ever thought a lamb could redeem the universe?

God’s wisdom it was, while to man it was foolishness

The precious lamb of God, slain from the foundations of the world

Up until now, His power in the universe is still upheld


Spotless was the lamb, and selfless was His love

Obediently came he, as he descended from above

It was the lamb that was slain

Whose blood we are not to disdain


The blood rescued us from great evil

Without which we would have been left to peril



The lamb’s blood did not only save us from eternal death

It brought us life also, glory and great wealth

To the one who believes, the lively speakings of the blood is upon his head

Ensuring that to contrary evil speakings, he is spared


Oh, and thank you Lord for the breaking of your body

It healed us, and constantly gives us a testimony

Now we walk in victory over sin and death, day after day

Conquering and to conquer, all the way


On this Passover, we remember you Lord, and all of your benefits

With you, we know we will remain on course, and will never be on the fritz




‘Wo Ara (Only You)’  Cover_ Acoustic Highlife

I tried working on something new… An acoustic highlife cover of the song “Wo ara” (Only You), with a ‘self-cooked’ metronome. 😅

Making good music is indeed mult-itasking.


Be blessed, Stirred up, and Inspired.

*[[1Sa 7:4]] EasyEnglish* So the Israelites removed all their idols of the gods called Baal and Ashtoreth. They worshipped the Lord only.
We Worship ONLY “YHVH”, The TETRAGRAMMATON of the universe.